The Roe Fund

One of the most important OKRCRC programs is the Roe Fund.  This fund helps low and no income Oklahoma women obtain reproductive services—including abortion, referral and information. This important program is funded by your donations. Grants are paid directly to abortion providers. And the women who receive financial assistance write thank-you letters which, after changes have been made to protect their identities, may be used for fundraising. It's hoped that when these women are more financially secure, they will make donations back to the fund.


Here are stories about three grateful Roe Fund recipients and segments of their letters:


"I will be forever grateful."

Jamie, age 19, worked at a call center. She lived with a male roommate and had never been sexually active. She wrote, “When I was young, I was very much against abortion. Then I found myself in a bad situation involving alcohol. My roommate knew I was intoxicated, but hoped that I would want to be with him if I got pregnant. I knew I wasn’t stable enough to raise a child under those circumstances and that abortion was the right thing to do. Thank you for helping me monetarily and emotionally. I will be forever grateful.  I hope to repay the fund so that you might help other young girls in the future.” Jamie received birth control pills from the clinic and she now lives with her parents.


"Without organizations like you..."

Debra was a 24-year-old mother of three.  She was newly divorced, and received food stamps, WIC, housing and Medicaid for her children, but no child support. She was going to college so she could get off public assistance and provide for her children. The relationship with her boyfriend was ending, but she conceived while on birth control. She received aid from the Roe Fund and from an additional fund. She wrote: “I appreciate the help that both of you have given me.  Without organizations like you, women like me would be without a choice.  So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Without the help you have given me, I wouldn’t be able to finish college.  I will always be grateful.”


"It has changed my life."

Misty was a young high school student who lived with her mother and four siblings. The family received food stamps, help with housing and Medicaid. Misty’s mother had a difficult time finding the money to pay for the abortion and had to reschedule the appointment several times until we helped her get funding from another organization. Misty wrote: “Thank you for supporting me in my time of need. I couldn’t have done it without your special funding. It has changed my life and made me realize my responsibilities. I want to thank you once again!  Really, this is a great thing you are doing for the people in need. Thank you.”


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