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The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice site is an excellent resource for national news and information.

It's Time Campaign

Isn't it time we changed the conversation?

At the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, we believe that it's time to have a different conversation about the intersections of religion, abortion, sexuality, and justice, and we're calling on religious leaders, people of faith, and other folks who believe that we must change the conversation to join us.

For too long, the public debate on these issues has been dominated by strident voices who want a monopoly on religion. It's time to tell the truth: that most people of faith in this country - like the majority of Americans overall - want families and individuals to have access to contraception, sexuality education, and reproductive healthcare including abortion.

It's time to talk about religion and abortion. It's time to talk about religion and sexuality. And it's time to talk about religion and justice.

Join us in this important conversation. Go to the link

and find many links for clergy engagement, tools for activists, tips for engaging in conversations and a pledge for joining the conversation. 

It's Time!







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