Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice invites you to join in the preservation of religious freedom of all women.

Peaceful Presence
How can you help?


Inform others that to prevent a woman from making a choice denies her the right to freely exercise her religious beliefs.


Contact your legislators. Urge them to guarantee a woman’s right to make personal decisions about her health care and with respect to her religious beliefs. For phone numbers, email addresses and precinct numbers: call your public library or check their website. For Tulsa: www.tulsalibrary.org. For OKC: http://www.mls.lib.ok.us/ Norman: http://www.pioneer.lib.ok.us/ Stillwater: http://library.stillwater.org/ The League of Women Voter’s website is also a good source for political/civic information: http://lwvtulsa.org/find-your-elected-official/ Just enter your zip code and you'll get a complete list of your elected officials, most of them with additional links with information on how to contact them.


Become a member of the Board of Directors. We meet monthly. Represent your faith group and help determine the direction of OKRCRC.


Provide financial support. Donate here.


Create fundraisers for the Roe Fund and general operating funds. We're a volunteer organization but do require minimal funds for newsletters and other mailings.


Represent OKRCRC at your church with bulletin information and table displays about issues and reproductive information.


Prepare computer design for newsletters and other mailings.


Update the website during legislative sessions. This can be done from home.


Help keep the public informed about reproductive issues by adding links to our Facebook page. It's easy to do if you regularly read newspapers on-line and receive pro-choice updates.


Assist with mailings: Format newsletters, stuff and label envelopes. Visit with other pro-choice members while working!


Volunteer as Peaceful Presence escorts at the clinic to walk clients from their cars to the front door. Your support is so appreciated by women and clinic staff.


Roe vs. Wade Ad: This ad celebrates the historic Supreme Court decision and is placed in newspapers each January. Help gather signatures and funds for this important statement about reproductive freedom. Contact@okrcrc.org


Have another gift, talent or service to offer? Give us a call at 918-481-6444 or email us.