OKRCRC affirms that every citizen should have access to reproductive education and family planning programs regardless of religion, race, class, gender, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

The ability to make moral decisions, including those about reproductive issues, is the very basis of an individual´s dignity.

We seek to correct the conditions that underlie the high rate of unintended pregnancy and abortion through responsible sexuality education, affordable family planning services, and high-quality, accessible medical care.

Here are several websites we recommend for information about a wide range of reproductive issues.


Visit various websites that we list on our Links page. Many of these offer great advice aimed at various ages: teens, adults, and educators. We highlighted our favorites on this Education page, but you may find others on the Links page that will provide the information needed for your situation. Also, Spanish Language is available on some sites.


National RCRC site - You'll find publications that give religious and ethical perspectives about abortion, sex education, contraception and other reproductive issues.


SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) has a great website. People of all ages will find helpful information that is sorted for young people, educators and parents.

• Go to the Information and Education section of the website. Then click on Quick Links located at the bottom of the left column.
• Select who you are: A Young Person, an Educator, or a Parent.
• Website links are then displayed according to appropriate needs. The Parents section has Spanish-language links. This link takes you to the Information and Education section.


Planned Parenthood - is one of the nation’s oldest sexual and reproductive health care providers. For more than 90 years, they have advocated for women’s health and the rights of individuals to make responsible choices. Their easy-to-use website offers information on a wide selection of topics plus a map of clinics across the U.S. Like SIECUS, you may search the site based on whether you are a teen, a parent or an educator. Just check the column on the right of their home page.