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The Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is a volunteer-run non-profit organization, which provides financial assistance to low and no income women living in Oklahoma and are seeking an abortion.  OKRCRC is currently undergoing reorganization.  During this time, OKRCRC grant funds will be administered by the following clinics:  

Reproductive Services in Tulsa:  918-665-6400;

South Wind Women's Center in Oklahoma City:


Abortion Surgery Center in Norman:  800-734-5811;


Please contact one of these clinics to discuss grant options.


Looking for sex ed? See our Links page if you are a teen, a parent, and educator - or any other age. Resources are also in Spanish.

Our Links page gives web resources on many topics, including those from  national resources.


Always check your local library for information. Check their website: there's usually a contact option to send questions to the library so that you are anonymous. And remember that they are asked "everything," so don't be embarrassed. This is your health and your body!