Our Mission

As people of faith we

• seek a society that values human life and human dignity and honors individual conscience.

• respect the value of potential human life while remaining firmly committed to women as responsible, moral decision makers.

• believe the ability to make moral decisions—including about reproductive issues—is the very basis of an individual's dignity.

• seek to correct the conditions that underlie the high rate of unintended pregnancy and abortion, through responsible sexuality education, affordable family planning services, and high-quality, accessible medical care.

• strive to make justice a reality by furthering the medical, economic, and educational resources necessary for healthy children, families and communities.

• will continue to protect the right of individuals to follow their own religious views in reproductive decisions and decisions about family formation.

Our Supporters

Faith Group Members


Christian Church (DOC) in Oklahoma
     Disciples Witness for Justice
     Northeast Area Regional Board

Eastern Oklahoma Presbytery (PCUSA)
     Justice for Women Committee
     Peacemaking Committee

Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma
     Peace, Justice & Integrity of Environment Commission

Pastors for Peace, Oklahoma Chapter

United Church of Christ
     Kansas-Oklahoma Conference
     Community of Hope, Tulsa
     Fellowship Congregational Church, Tulsa

B’nai Emunah Sisterhood, Tulsa
Southwest Council, Union for Reform Judaism
Temple Israel Sisterhood, Tulsa
Tulsa Section, National Council of Jewish Women

Alliance, First Unitarian Church, Oklahoma City
Church of the Restoration Unitarian Universalist, Tulsa
Women and Men of Hope, Hope Unitarian Church, Tulsa
Oklahoma Congregations of Southwestern Unitarian Universalist Conference
Volunteers in Action Committee, All Souls Unitarian Church, Tulsa